Enrico Calderaro

Head Chef & Cheesemonger

Enrico was born in 1997 in a small village close to Venice in Italy.

He grew up smelling and tasting food in his
family’s restaurant which gave him the spark to
pursue cooking as a career. His culinary training
began in Italy but soon moved to London where he worked at the Ritz Hotel, one of the most
prestigious hotels in the city.

Enrico then embarked on a venture in Barcelona. Under the guidance of Albert Adria at Enigma, he refined his skills and continued to develop a unique culinary style.

He was inspired to move to Auckland in order to
expand his knowledge and skills

beyond European cuisine and have an opportunity to work with New Zealand products.

Through his travels, Enrico landed at Mela where he met Jack Crosti. Their shared philosophy of wanting to continuously push boundaries of food and flavor is the backbone of Mela.

He is a vital part of the team.